Richard A. Watson

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Richard A. Watson
Race Human
Personal details
Born June 8, 1961 CE[1]
For the Cyan employee of the same name, see RAWA.

Richard A. Watson, Ph.D. is the former head of the D'ni Restoration Council, and one of the leading experts on D'ni history, language, and culture.


Watson received a Doctorate in History from the University of Utah.[1] He was working in and researching the southwestern United States when, in 1989, his friend Elias Zandi informed him that he had made an enormous discovery in New Mexico: the D'ni cavern. The two established a non-profit organization called the D'ni Restoration Foundation, and with assistance from other friends and colleagues, they explored and worked to restore the cavern until Elias's death in 1996.

In January, of 1997, Watson founded the D'ni Restoration Council to oversee the restoration efforts. He chaired the organization until late 2003, when the apparent death of DRC research engineer Phil Henderson drove him into despair. Watson's journal was later found in the Great Shaft, where he explained to those who might find it that he had left to seek out Yeesha.

Return to D'ni[edit]

In 2005, after the rest of the DRC and many of explorers had left D'ni due to a lack of restoration funding, Watson returned to complete Yeesha's failed quest to obtain the Tablet, and ultimately freed the bahro by giving it to them.[2]

While the DRC returned to D'ni in early 2007, Watson did not join in their new restoration efforts. Instead, he returned publicly to the cavern in September of that year, warning explorers that the bahro civil war would come to D'ni, and that it was up to them to find a way to protect themselves from its impact.[3] On November 16, 2007, he also invited the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship to assist him in researching the D'ni language, but since the re-closure of the cavern in 2008, that effort has apparently ceased.


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