Spirit cloth

From Guild of Archivists

The spirit cloth is a tool used by the Protectors of Serenia to examine the true nature of a prospective traveler to the Dream World, and divine the appropriate spirit guide for that traveler.

A seeker's cloth is created during a ceremony held in the Hall of Spirits. The cloth is laid across an altar, and the seeker passes his or her hand through a manifestation of the three spirits -- wind, water, and fire -- to mark the cloth. The resulting handprint is interpreted by the Protectors, and the seeker is declared a Child of Wind, Water, or Fire. Below is a listing of the characteristics of each spirit's "children."

Child of Wind: Attracted by challenge and diversity, always moving swiftly to the heart of the matter, yet willing to take the time needed to understand it.

Child of Water: Appreciates the beauty and richness of life around him. Confident in his ability to succeed, but willing to seek help when the answers seem elusive.

Child of Fire: Drawn by the excitement of new experiences, always seeking adventure over stasis. Sometimes his desire to succeed makes him miss the deeper meaning, but he always finds the answers he seeks when he really wants them.