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Taghira is a prison Age used by the D'ni to permanently imprison criminals convicted of "monstrous crimes"[1].


The Age is a small island in the arctic region of its planet. A heavy layer of ice and snow blankets the terrain, and icebergs float off shore. A small abandoned settlement is located near the far end of the island. Here, squat bulbous trees grow in warm spots made by geothermal activity. A series of pipes conduct the steam venting from this activity into a pond behind the settlement. These pipes were used to heat the bacteria-rich water of the pond until they formed solid mats of material to use for construction.

A small cemetery of stone markers sits on the other side of the pond. Beyond it, on a small unstable chunk of ice, lies the Keep.


Before the fall of D'ni, Taghira was used as a prison Age where convicted criminals were permanently exiled. The prisoners used the Age's heat-reactive bacteria to build homes to live in. They built a cemetery on the far end of the island where those who died were buried.

In 2005 CE, Taghira was one of four Ages used for "the quest", a series of tasks that rewarded their undertaker with control of the Tablet, thereby giving them power over the bahro. Dr. Watson took this quest, and used the Tablet to free the bahro. The last remaining prisoner seems to have died some time before these events, as the Age was uninhabited at the time.


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