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Location K'veer, Laki'ahn, Noloben, Taghira, Todelmer

The Keep is a multi-sided pedestal which held the Tablet that controls the bahro. Through some twist of the bahro's abilities with The Art, the Keep existed in K'veer, but also simultaneously in the four Ages associated with the "Quest" (Tahgira, Todelmer, Noloben, and Laki'ahn). A soap bubble-like barrier surrounds the Keep, depicting a view from the four Quest Ages when viewed from within on K'veer, and depicting a view of K'veer from within on any of the Quest Ages.

The four sides of the Keep are locks that can only be unlocked by placing a Slate on the appropriate face. When all four Slates are in place, the Tablet is released.

A bastardized, metallic copy of the Keep could briefly be found in the library on the deserted island of Myst, but unlike the true Keep, it only existed there. This Keep, which is in stark contrast to the original, appears to be a hollow goblet-like column with four metal clamps on top. Esher had planned to use this Keep to control the bahro by tricking Dr. Watson into giving the Tablet to him after the Quest was completed.

As of 2007 CE, the Keep was no longer located in K'veer, and Esher's alternative Keep was no longer in Myst's library.