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Direbo was a D'ni rest Age, which was used as a hub for the "quest" — a series of tests that rewarded their undertaker with control of the Tablet.


The Age consists of four small, roughly square-shaped islands in a shallow swamp. The islands are surrounded by a forest of tall, thin spires of rock. Arched bridges connect the four islands, though they must be unlocked on both sides before they can be traversed. Each island contains a Linking Book back to an eder tomahn in the Descent, as well as a bahro Linking Bubble which links to a different Age in the quest.


Prior to the fall of D'ni, Direbo was used as a rest Age. In Myst V: End of Ages, the Nexus terminals along the Descent have Linking Books that lead here, instead of expected links to the Nexus. As explorers have not found a Direbo Book in the currently accessible eder tomahn near the middle of the Great Shaft, their placement in the game may have been artistic license. If this is the case, there is no other information about how the D'ni might have accessed the Age.