Proposal: Rename to "Art" or "The Art"[edit]

I would like to propose renaming this article to either "Art" or "The Art", based on the following:

  • Of the pages that link here (at the time of writing), there are 27 that link via 'Regestoy', 14 that link via 'Art', and 35 that link via 'The Art', hence 'The Art' is clearly the most popular name for referring to this page.
  • According to the general naming conventions, one should "Use the most encyclopedic name." and "Generally, the most encyclopedic name for an article is the most complete and commonly used name." (emphasis mine), which would seem to imply we should be using the name that is most commonly used, which as established above is "The Art", not "Regestoy".
  • As mentioned previously by myself on the talk page for 'linking mechanics', other articles of a similar nature do not have a D'ni name: Great Tree of Possibilities rather than Terokh Jerooth, Ink rather than Lem, Descriptive Book rather than Kormahn, Linking Book rather than Korvahkh, and Great Shaft rather than Regahro Tiwah. Regestoy seems to be the only exception to this rule.
    • Note: Gahrohevtee is also a bit of an outlier, however, unlike those other examples the D'ni version actually is the more common term. 'The Great Words' would be the English equivalent, but they're almost never referred to that, in-game or out-of-game.
  • Lastly, most casual players are not likely to even know of the word 'Regestoy'. It's hardly used in the game series, if at all, whereas "Art" is used as early as Myst and then frequently throughout the series. For many readers, this wiki will be the first time they learn of the word 'Regestoy'.

Pharap (talk) 19:59, 11 January 2024 (UTC)