Teledahn mushrooms

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Teledahn mushrooms
Teledahn mushroom.jpg
The mushrooms of Teledahn grow out of the marsh water.
Found in Teledahn

Teledahn Mushrooms are the predominant flora found in Teledahn. They are tall, tree-sized, and appear to have stalks made out of a sturdy wood-like material. Their gills produce glowing spores which are carried by the wind, and fill much of the environment. The mushrooms grow directly out of Teledahn's marsh water, and appear to be sturdy enough to anchor the metal catwalks that span the age. A couple of these Mushrooms once grew to such a great height that sizeable rooms have been hollowed out inside them.

The spores from the Mushrooms were used by the Guild of Caterers to make various types of bread, once considered a delicacy. Much of the industry in Teledahn was built around harvesting these spores.[1]

Although sturdy, Douglas Sharper wrote in his journal that Shroomies can bring down a Mushroom with little effort. A fallen Mushroom can be found near the Solar Array.


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