Ashem'en District

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Ashem'en District
Location D'ni
Restoration progress
Current phase Phase Five
(January 21, 2007)

The Ashem'en District (aSem'en[contested]; initially called the Uran District) was the main industrial complex in the D'ni cavern. It was built during the reign of King Me'emen to replace the older Nehw'eril District. It was constructed far away from the City Proper to protect the populace from industrial accidents. This demand rose after a disease was accidentally imported into the Nehw'eril District from another Age.[1]

Space clearance for Uran started in 5389 DE using Stone Tooth and the older Stone Eater, two of the great D'ni digging machines. Construction began in 5475 DE, and the district was officially opened in 5500 DE.[1]

In 5541 DE, the district was renamed from Uran to Ashem'en, in honor of King Me'emen's son, Ashem, a Healer who had died the previous year from a disease caught while investigating a new Age for safety.[1]

In 5856 DE, construction began on the Lanaren District, an adjacent residential district which housed many of the Ashem'en District's workers when it opened in 5903 DE.[2]

Near the time of the fall of D'ni, former Guildmaster Kadish used part of Ashem'en as a site to test the strengh of pellets, developed and manufactured in Er'cana, which he used to solidify his claim to be the prophesied "Grower".[3]

The Ashem'en District is currently in restoration phase five, awaiting approval as of January 21, 2007.[4]

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