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Vika is the name given to one of the Ages uncovered during the realMYST easter egg hunt in late 2000 and early 2001. The image was uncovered in a file named "vika.avi", and was believed to be part of Cyan's upcoming Uru Live project (then code-named "MUDPIE"). When the Age did not appear in the final release, community manager Grey Dragon (Ryan Warzecha) relayed the following information:

Back in the day, a long time ago, back before I was even was at Cyan there where pictures released of a jungle looking age. In the community the name Vika was attached to it. For many years people speculated when they would see this age. Then one day the age of Negilahn was shown. Many people thought Negilahn is what Vika had become. However, I was able to find out the truth behind the elusive Vika. One day, not to long ago I asked Cyanist about the jungle age in the early released photos. This Cyanist told me... 'Oh that was a test age'. However today I was able to find out a little more. Talking to Rand I found out that in plasma one[1] they had been building a lot of interiors and the engine was working great, however Cyan had not done any real environments. An artist that works here named Victoria decided to try to make a very cozy jungle age. The pictures we got to see were her first attempt at making a nice warm, cozy environment. It was a test and it worked they found out that with the right tools they could make very good ages.


  1. "Plasma" is the name of the game engine used for the original release of realMYST, as well as Uru. realMYST ran on Plasma 1.0, while Uru ran on Plasma 2.0.