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On the left, a red GZ calibration marker. On the right, a white game marker.

Great Zero markers are virtual beacons found mostly in D'ni. They are primarily used in conjunction with the KI to calibrate the Great Zero's KI Positioning System ("KI-PS"), but they can also be used to create custom marker missions. Explorers have used these custom missions for everything from scavenger hunts to guided tours.

Marker types[edit]

There are two kinds of markers used by the Great Zero: Great Zero markers, and Calibration Great Zero markers.

Great Zero markers (GZMs)[edit]

Great Zero markers are invisible to anyone who does not have a KI, or who has not properly upgraded their KI to receive marker information. These markers are also invisible unless a properly-upgraded KI is within approximately 15 feet of their location. When in range, they will emit a quiet pulsing tone to aid in their discovery.

These markers are used in the two initial missions distributed to new users by the Great Zero marker dispensers located near the Great Zero itself. The missions are color-coded, using small lights around the outer rim of the KI's face: green for the first mission, and red for the second.[1] Each requires collecting 15 markers, and both draw from the same pool. As markers are collected, they disappear for that KI user, and cannot be collected a second time. Progress is tracked through the lights on the KI, which brighten one at a time. Once a mission is completed, it must be "uploaded" back into the dispenser.

Upon completion of the "green" mission, a link to the Great Zero Courtyard is added to the person's Nexus. Completion of the "red" mission enabled the individual to access the Great Zero Calibration Chamber, and the calibration marker missions contained within.

Calibration Great Zero markers[edit]

For information about the missions which use these markers, see marker missions.

Calibration markers (CGZMs) are the primary mechanism for calibrating the Great Zero's KI Positioning System. They are similar in appearance to standard markers, but are visible from any distance, so long as the person's KI is running the appropriate marker mission. These markers are used in both the standard calibration marker missions and custom explorer-created "quest" missions. Progress through a calibration marker mission is indicated via yellow lights on the rim of the KI. The standard missions never use more than the maximum number of lights on the KI, but custom missions can easily overflow the available space. Progress is not visible for markers above the number of lights available on the KI, but it is still tracked.

The markers used in standard calibration missions are located throughout the currently-accessible areas of Ae'gura, as well as the D'ni neighborhoods along the wall of the cavern. Markers in explorer-created missions can be placed in any Age, and missions can even span multiple Ages.


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