Great Zero coordinates

From Guild of Archivists

The Great Zero Coordinate System (GZCS), also known as KI Positioning System (KIPS), is the cylindrical coordinate system adopted by the D'ni for measuring and communicating positions in the Cavern (and possibly in other Ages, once a Maintainer mark was activated).

The three coordinates (5, 6, 7) of a point P are expressed as:

  • The 5 angle or azimuth, measured in torantee, is the angle from the Great Zero line, clockwise.
  • The 6 radial distance, measured in shahfeetee, is the horizontal distance of the point P from the Great Zero.
  • The 7 elevation, measured in shahfeetee, is the vertical distance of the point P from the Great Zero plane (note that coordinates above the plane are negative).

The coordinates are displayed in a fully calibrated KI (one that has collected all the calibration markers) in the top-right section. The Great Zero signal isn't always detected by the KI beyond a certain distance, mostly within the range of the Cavern. Locations like the pubs display no coordinates (except for the Watcher's, located in J'taeri), while the neighborhoods, located along the Cavern wall, do display coordinates.

The Nexus displays a row of zeros ("00000 000 000") next to locations in Ae'gura. It's speculated that these should display the link-in coordinates, but this function was never enabled in modern times.