Guild of Cartographers (restored)

For the classic Guild of Cartographers, see Guild of Cartographers.
Guild of Cartographers (restored)
Cartographers logo.png
Short D'ni name telbaxen
D'ni name telok baxentantE
Established November 2003 CE
Guild color turquoise

The restored Guild of Cartographers is one of the five guilds promoted by the DRC in Kirel. Their primary duty is the creation of maps for all of the Ages and areas released by the DRC.

In the future, we hope that the new Guild of Cartographers will create detailed maps and analyses of new Ages before they are released to the public. These maps will include geographical areas, machinery, instrumentation and the like.

— DRC, Kirel Guild notes


The Guild of Cartographers was formed in November 2003. The initial impetus came from Pa'trick The Futographer, who was eventually elected as the guild's informal first Grand Master.

The motivation for the guild came from the vast area covered by the D'ni Ages. Explorers attempting to describe locations and travel routes were finding it difficult to accurately describe places; many names for locations were simply names of convenience taken from whatever an individual explorer found unique about a location. This led to little if any consistency, and many names were applied to the same place and some names to different places.

The D'ni, of course, had maps, names for places, cities, and buildings just as we do today. The Guild of Linguists translated some of those names, but many remain unknown to new explorers. The Guild of Researchers attempted to recover places and buildings names. The Cartographers began applying available names to maps and publishing them in an attempt to simplify describing locations and to reduce confusion. But, in many cases the guild simply choose what they thought was the best name.

It was not the guild's intention to reveal secrets that may spoil the adventurers' experience of D'ni, so the guild maps do not show the location of Journey cloths or bahro stones.

The historical meeting place of the guild was the URU Obsession forum, until it closed in 2011. Much of the history of the beginnings of the guild was lost with the closing of URU Obsession.

Other notable guild members: Ricka, EyeDE, Moiety Jean, Sel-than, Janniran, M'Kenzi, Jack294, myridean, Linkin Imp, CeeVee, L-Annai.

Getting involved

Currently little to no activity is happening in the guild. If you are interested in mapping Ages, you should contact Nalates on the guild's website.

Other historical websites associated with the guild are the Cartography Guild website and the Guild of Cartographers' website.