Guild of Maintainers (restored)

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For the classic Guild of Maintainers, see Guild of Maintainers.
Guild of Maintainers (restored)
Short D'ni name telbErE
D'ni name telok bErEtantE
Established 2007 CE
Guild color maroon

The restored Guild of Maintainers is one of the five guilds promoted by the DRC in Kirel. Their primary duty is the inspection and approval of Ages written by the restored Guild of Writers. They also have taken some responsibility for maintaining safety in the Cavern as well as inspecting and reporting on Ages after the DRC has released them to the explorers.

In the future, we hope that the new Guild of Maintainers will be the first people into every Age. The Maintainers will test all new areas for stability and functionality and any Age released to the public will require Maintainer approval.

— DRC, Kirel Guild notes


The guild completed elections for several leadership positions at the end of November 2007. In the summer of 2009 the leadership stepped down officially and took on the role of moderators. The guild is currently without official leadership.

Notable guild Members: Mongomery, Dot, Nynaveve, Frisky Badger, Andy Legate, Jishin, Mustard Jeep.

Getting involved[edit]

Fan Ages intended for MOUL are currently tested on the OpenUru Minkata shards. If you are interested in getting involved, a good starting place is the OU Discord server, on the #test channel.

There used to be a Maintainers forum, but it is no longer available.