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Dni imager.jpg
Location Neighborhoods, Kirel, Relto, Kahlo Pub

The D'ni made frequent use of imagers in their culture. The public imagers in D'ni Neighborhoods were adapted to interface with the KI when the technology was introduced, and the Relto imager provided by Yeesha is linked to your KI as well. Another imager exists in the Neighborhood Classroom, though it appears to be remote-controlled by a central station accessible only to the DRC. Further examples are visible in the Kahlo Pub, although these are all currently inactive. All of these imagers appear to project a holographic, 2D image roughly 6 inches0.0316 sp <br />0.5 ft <br />0.153 m <br />15.253 cm <br /> from the surface of the projector, and are capable of displaying images and text.

Additional imager technology is used by the Ahyoheek table, the Great Zero calibration indicator, and even the KI itself, which projects a small holographic screen in front of the user for them to interact with.

The imager technology developed by the D'ni was later adapted by Atrus and Gehn for their own uses. The fore-chamber imager on Myst island is very similar in appearance to the D'ni imagers seen in the Neighborhoods.