Kahlo Pub

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Kahlo Pub
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Location Ae'gura

Kahlo Pub is a small pub located on Ae'gura, just off the Great Stair. Despite several years of restoration work on Ae'gura, the DRC did not invest much effort into this area. As a result, the pub is in quite a sorry state. Rubble litters the floor, broken imagers hang on crumbling walls, and overturned tables are scattered around the room.


D'ni history[edit]

By virtue of its name, the pub appears to be associated with an Age called Kahlo, where races were frequently held. Some have speculated that the pub was used by patrons of those races, with imagers displaying video feeds from Kahlo to pub-goers and gamblers.

DRC restoration[edit]

When explorers began to enter the Cavern in late 2003 CE, the pub was still off-limits, with a large canvas tarp blocking the entrance, as the DRC still considered it too unsafe. On December 17th, a group of explorers led by Douglas Sharper gathered at the entrance to the pub to protest the DRC's recent treatment of Phil Henderson, as well as their continued silence and slow progress in opening up new areas of Ae'gura. The protest culminated in Sharper tearing down the barrier blocking the entrance to the pub.

The pub remained open following the protest, though the DRC soon retaliated against Sharper by revoking his access to the Great Tree Pub, an area of Ae'gura in the J'taeri District that he had been working to restore. Despite the DRC's concerns about safety, no incidents were recorded in the pub throughout the remainder of the Second Restoration.

In May of 2007, during the Third Restoration, Kahlo Pub was once again the focus of a safety-related concern. A seismic event on May 19th caused new cracks to form in the passageway just outside the pub. Michael Engberg's daughter, Willow, along with her friend Rosette Taylor, snuck into Ae'gura the following day while the DRC was busy performing safety checks. They entered one of the cracks near the pub, and were quickly trapped by a second quake. Rosette was killed instantly in the resulting collapse, while Willow was left injured in a chamber with a bahro. For several days, the DRC scrambled to excavate an escape route through the Tokotah II building above, while throngs of onlookers and well-wishers gathered nearby. On May 22nd, the DRC finally breached the chamber, only to find that she had been murdered by the bahro.

A memorial imager was erected in the passageway just outside the pub on June 26th.


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