Annie Tayrett

Annie Tayrett
Race Android
Portrayed by Faye Everdunes

Annie Tayrett (named by Thomas Maxwell when he misunderstood the D'ni phrase ahnee tayret, 'I can help') is an intelligent, self-aware android created by the people of Lana'yra. Like the rest of her kind, Annie was assigned to a household who treated her as a member of the family. Her time as a companion was short-lived however, as when the D'ni age writer Kadish arrived in the age, the Lanay'rans were persuaded to trade Annie and a large number of simple worker bots in exchange for desperately needed goods.[1]

After the completion of Ahnonay, Kadish had no further use for his bots. As he could not risk anyone discovering them—which would have ruined his secret—he destroyed the worker bots. However, he had grown so used to Annie's presence, he built a secret alcove in his vault and hid her there; sadly, Kadish died before he felt the need for her company, and Annie languished inside the vault for almost three hundred years until Henry's team accidentally reactivated her.


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