Henry Culver

Henry Culver
Henry gets promoted
Race Human
Portrayed by Asher Lockwood

As a member of the Air Force emergency response unit Red Horse, Henry Culver has seen first-hand the social and physical disruption plaguing the planet at the time the events in The Lost Art take place.[1]

A friend of Colonel Collins and Alex Jung, Henry was handpicked for the mission; Collins was so desperate to have him on the team he pulled him from an operation in Turkey where his team was rebuilding runways.

A brilliant practical engineer, Culver's skills prove vital to the task of restoring aspects of D'ni technology, for instance the pellet factory on Er'cana. He is disciplined and hard-working, and tends to agree with the colonel that the mission takes priority over the concerns of the civilians; having said that, he goes out of his way to repair the DRC memorial for Katja's sake.

The colonel considers Henry his second-in-command, eventually rewarding him with a field promotion from first lieutenant to captain.


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