Black ships

The pirates' official insignia.

The Pirates of the Black Ships was a tribe that destroyed an island city of the Mechanical Age. The pirates were eventually defeated when Atrus built a fortress and thus helped the few survivors to repel the Black Ships' final attack.

It was said that the sky above the fortress would only turn from its constant gray color when the black ships were destroyed. Sometime after Sirrus and Achenar ravaged and abandoned Mechanical the sky was blue, signifying that the brothers, while plundering their father's Ages, also destroyed the black ships as well.

The Book of the Black Ships comic book goes into more detail on the Black Ships. Sirrus and Achenar are portrayed as allying with Ebony Cardinal, their grotesque leader and being initiated into their religion. However, the comic is apocryphal.


  • Myst: mentioned in Atrus's Mechanical Age journal.