Blood of Yahvo

From Guild of Archivists

Blood of Yahvo was a violent and perhaps terrorist D'ni cult who believed that D'ni should not concern itself with ahrotahntee. They may have been responsible for the kidnapping of King Ishek's wife in order to stir up feelings against the Yimas people[1] (other sources suggest it was the Light of D'ni instead), and also for the assassination of King Loshemanesh.

In 4865 DE members of the cult kidnapped the son of King Yableshan as a ransom for Goshen, a leader of the cult, who had been imprisoned in 4815 DE by the previous king.[2] It was believed that some of their members entered the Relyimah, disabling their ability to protect D'ni. Yableshan freed Goshen, but a few days later his son's body was found on the palace steps.

In the following years, Faresh discovered two moles in the Relyimah, who were then summarily eliminated.[3] Published sources don't mention the cult after that point, so it is possible that they were disbanded.