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Yimas was a food-production Age used by the D'ni, who employed the native population to run the machinery there.


In 4103 DE, the natives kidnapped King Ishek's wife as she was touring a production facility on the Age, fleeing through Linking Books before her guards could react. Although public sentiment quickly turned against the Yimas people, Ishek pleaded for understanding. When the Yimas demanded Ages in exchange for his wife's safe return, Ishek suspected that the natives were not the primary conspirators in his wife's kidnapping. An investigation by the Relyimah revealed that the radical D'ni Blood of Yahvo cult was ultimately behind the kidnapping and attempted extortion.[1]

As a result of the kidnapping, the D'ni passed stricter regulations governing interactions with outsiders—"not because the other cultures were savages, but because [the D'ni] could not be trusted to deal with them honorably."[2]