From Guild of Archivists
Found in Haven

After Achenar killed both of the Cerpatees, the Camoudiles quickly became the dominant predators on the island. These fast, jaguar-like predators eat practically everything and are positioned at the top of Haven's food chain.

The Eastern grasslands seem to be the camoudiles main hunting grounds. In Haven at least 2 camoudiles can be seen hunting Zeftyrs and Mangrees, thus it can be suggested that these 2 compose the camoudiles main food basis.

Camoudiles are much more seriously affected by the poisonous plants that grow in the south jungle and grasslands of haven. The stranger only became somewhat dazed by inhaling the gas, but Camoudiles become critically ill by inhaling the poison. Achenar used this to his advantage, tipping his spears with the poison to more effectively hunt these dangerous creatures.