Gehn's Imager

Gehn imager.jpg
Location Age 233, Riven

Created by Gehn, and based on a combination of remembered technology from the D'ni and the Amad, imagers have been found on various parts of Riven and Gehn's office Age, 233. They are able to create a holographic 3D image within a spherical cage of metal bars.

Imagers can apparently be set with recorded images and movies, such as the devices in Age 233 and the school room on the Jungle Island of Riven, or can also produce a live video created in a remote location. This is shown by the Temple Island imager, the most massive of the three, being approximately 25 feet1.582 sp <br />300 in <br />7.627 m <br />762.658 cm <br /> in diameter. It is controlled by an operator in a separate room down a hidden hallway, who sits in a chair surrounded by a similar cage, and whose image, movements, and voice are transmitted and enlarged to the large sphere. It should be noted that, while Riven only depicts Gehn's head and shoulders, the chair was designed to display the entire chair located in the "recording" room; this was changed for gameplay reasons, to enable players to actually see Gehn's facial expressions. RAWA posted a photograph and explanation in the old Cyan Cam archives.

The two smaller devices are about 1 foot0.0633 sp <br />12 in <br />0.305 m <br />30.506 cm <br /> in diameter, and are powered by the turning of a hand cranked handle. Nothing of how these devices work is known at this time, although notes have been found pertaining to them in Gehn's lab journal on Book Assembly Island.