Temple Island

Temple Island
Temple Island.jpg
Location Riven
Link-in point(s) Fissure plateau, firemarble dome

Temple Island (also referred to as Allatwan or "pool of stars" by the Moiety, and Allapo or "water pool" by the Rivenese villagers[1]) was one of five islands on the Age of Riven. It consisted of two primary land masses. The main land mass was dominated by the Golden Superdome, which served as a power source for Gehn's faulty linking books. Pipes connected the superdome to each of the five firemarble domes where books to Age 233 were located. Temple Island's firemarble dome was on a small island immediately adjacent to the superdome.

A plateau next to the superdome contained the link-in location for Riven's Descriptive Book. This is also notably where the Star Fissure was located, and was the site of the dramatic final confrontation between Gehn and Atrus. In the later years of Riven, Gehn constructed a cage around the link-in location, disguised as a shelter. The cage was intended to capture Atrus if he were ever to return.

The Gate Room guarded the entrance to the Golden Superdome. It was a five-sided room that could rotate to five different positions. Its purpose was theoretically to keep people out of areas of the island Gehn wanted to keep private, but it had a second purpose of being a shrine of sorts to the Art.

Temple Island's namesake was The Temple of Gehn, located on the second of the two main islands. The temple consisted of a long room with a large spherical cage at the end that was actually an imager. Gehn would project his face into the imager from a cave hidden deeper within the temple. From the perspective of the Rivenese villagers, he would appear and disappear as though by divine power. The villagers would arrive at the temple from Jungle Island via the maglev, and present offerings to the image of Gehn. This temple was the second temple to be built on the site, as the original had been destroyed by one of the five daggers that Catherine wrote into the Age.

Temple Island was connected by maglev to Jungle Island and by bridge to Book Assembly Island.


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