Race D'ni
Second King of D'ni
Reign 120 DE - 300 DE
Coronation 120 DE
Preceded by Ri'neref
Succeeded by Shomat
Personal details
Born 50 BE
Died 300 DE
Children name unknown
name unknown
Name in D'ni AleS

Ailesh took the throne in coronation ceremonies in the year 120 DE at the age of 170. Though it seems Ailesh had never been a member of the Writer's Guild on Garternay, he had spent the first fifty years of his life with Ri'neref (after his own dismissal) working on the Book of D'ni. When the D'ni Writer's Guild was formed in the year 8 DE, Ri'neref made sure Ailesh was placed in charge as the first Grand Master of the Guild.

As Grand Master, he worked closely with Ri'neref in the writing of the new Guild of Writer's Oath. The Oath, which was what every member promised to live by, ended up staying in existence (with few minor changes) until 9400 DE.

Records indicate that Ailesh modeled his life very closely to Ri'neref's. He refused to build himself a palace until a Common Library was opened; as he strongly supported a place where all citizens could have access to Books. Though there was some minor disagreement on minor issues the building was eventually finished in 233 DE. Although, like his mentor, Ailesh still refused to build himself a palace.

The reign of Ailesh was extremely similar to that of Ri'neref. There was still great excitement for the new ideals and laws of D'ni, and thus great support for Ailesh, making his reign a very smooth one.

Before his third son was born in 256 DE, records indicate that there was a bit of public apprehension over who the next King would be. Ailesh's two eldest sons were fairly rebellious and neither seemed good candidates for the throne, at least in the public's opinion. However, as Ailesh's third son grew, it became apparent to the public (although records never give specific reasons) that the boy closely followed his father's ideals. Ailesh must have agreed with public opinion as it was his third son who he selected to succeed him.

Ailesh died of natural causes at the age of 350.