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This article is about the Grand Master. For the D'ni King, see Hinash.
Race D'ni
Name in D'ni hinaS

Hinahsh was a Grand Master of the Guild of Caterers and member of the Five Lords.

Lord Hinahsh received the age Teledahn from Grand Master Mararon on his 250th birthday, in the year 8990 DE. A gifted cook, Hinahsh used the spores in Teledahn to develop a recipe for bread, which became a delicacy among the upper class of D'ni.

There are conflicting sources for the date of his death. The Teledahn page formerly on the DRC website[1] stated that he died in 9005 DE, while Douglas Sharper reports in his journal that Hinahsh died after owning Teledahn for 10 years, making the date 9000 DE.

References[edit | edit source]

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