From Guild of Archivists
Race D'ni
Personal details
Died 1999 DE
Spouse Solath
Children Me'erta

Jolatha was the second wife of King Solath (married circa 1740 DE), and mother of King Me'erta. A high-ranking member of the Cult of the Tree, she was the true power behind Me'erta's throne. Under Jolatha's influence, cultism began to flourish in D'ni and worship of Yahvo all but ceased.

In 1975 DE, as detailed in the Me'erta Story, she urged her son to change the oath of the Writers' Guild so that Ages could be written to suit her purposes. Failing in this, in 1999 DE she persuaded Me'erta to secretly break the seals on the Tomb of the Great King. Jolatha took a number of Books from the Tomb, placing them in the Temple of the Tree, as well as a piece of cloth that she claimed was a piece of the Great King's robe. She sickened and died from an unknown disease two days after this act. While Me'erta quietly re-sealed the Tomb, the stolen Books remained in the Temple of the Tree, and their later fate is unknown.

The breaching of the Tomb, which contained Books infected by the bio-weapon that Ahlsendar unleashed on the Pento, was quite likely the cause of the Great Plague that decimated the D'ni during the reigns of kings Gan, Behnashiren, and Hemelin, until a cure was found in 2262 DE.