Tomb of the Great King

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Tomb of the Great King
Location Ae'gura

The Tomb of the Great King, originally known as the Temple of the Great King, is a building which sits below the Guild Hall on the D'ni island capital of Ae'gura.



The temple was originally described in prophesy, and King Ja'kreen, who commissioned the structure, ensured that the specified dimensions were exactingly adhered to. It was described at the time as "odd" and "exorbitant". Upon its completion, the golden throne from the Temple of Yahvo was relocated inside.

The time of the kings[edit]

The temple's design was later justified by its ultimate use: as a tomb for King Ahlsendar, the "Great King" himself. In 1500 DE, following the conclusion of the Pento War by means of a bio-engineered plague, Ahlsendar commanded that he be sealed into the temple, along with all of the Ages containing traces of the plague, or which connected the D'ni to their past.

The tomb would later be raided by Jolatha, mother of King Me'erta. Several artifacts—including Books and cloth fragments supposedly from Ahlsendar's robe—were removed and placed in the Temple of the Tree. These artifacts were shortly returned and the tomb re-sealed after Jolatha died of an unknown illness just days later.

King Ahlsendar's reign was ultimately a controversial one, and led the D'ni to eventually try to literally bury evidence of his rule. King Naygen was the first to undertake this effort, commissioning the construction of a new council chamber for the Guilds to be built atop the tomb in 2500 DE.

The time of the guilds[edit]

In 6970 DE, the tomb's burial was complete, covered over by the expansion of the Guild Hall originally commissioned by Naygen. The new additions were commissioned by King Kerath, shortly before his abdication of the throne and transfer of full governing power to the guilds themselves. In time, the tomb was completely forgotten, and would have remained so if not for the fall of D'ni.


The Temple was re-discovered by Atrus and other surviving D'ni during their restoration efforts in the 9460's DE. Inside, they discovered a Linking Book to Terahnee, along with the thousands of ancient Books that had been sealed inside with Ahlsendar. The Temple was later re-sealed when the remaining D'ni relocated to Releeshahn.