Lake light meter

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Lake light meter
The lake light meter as seen in the Ferry Terminal.
Location D'ni Cavern

The Lake Light Meter (LLM, or sometimes Laxman's Dalek) was placed on the Ae'gura docks on June 27, 2007. Judging from the hoses leading from the machine into the lake, it apparently measured the state of the lake algae and showed this state on a display. The machine always seemed dubious between the values of 0 and 1, as it kept switching between the two. Whether the display showed a percentage (0 to 100) or something else is unclear.

Among the machine's intriguing visual features was a control panel with labels written in English. The three buttons appeared to be labelled: "in/out", "OFF" and "ZERO/ON". The "in/out" button would theoretically switch between displaying that machine's and a remote machine's measurements.

On July 30, 2007, Victor Laxman removed the LLM, saying that the pellet cooking works but the machine display was broken.