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A link is a connection between two of the infinite preexisting Ages of the Great Tree of Possibilities. In the context of The Art, links are formed with the writing of Descriptive Books, which then "chose" one of the possible Ages that most closely match the descriptions. Links were unique, as only one Descriptive Book could exist for an Age.[1]

Books have a viewing panel called a Linking panel that shows a picture of the target location. The panel is interactive: by merely touching it, the person is linked to that Age.

The act of linking by definition implies dimensional transfer.[2] This means that a link can't "teleport" one from one point to another within the same world (eg. from the D'ni City to Ae'gura) as the Book and the destination exist in the same Age (Earth) at the same time.[3]

Other facts[edit | edit source]

  • The Star Fissure in Riven also serves as a link. It seems that whatever falls there ends up on Earth, specifically the area around the Cleft.[4]
  • It is said that King Ahlsendar had special linking abilities. Numerous witnesses claimed that he teleported from one place to another, or that he could link to different spots within an Age. However, none of these rumors were ever confirmed.[5]
  • It is said that the prophet known only as The Watcher was born while his mother was n the process of linking from the Age of Trases.[6]
  • In the context of the non-canonical Trap Books, there was a formula of altering key lines of text partially severing the connection of a Book. This would result to anyone using it to be trapped permanently in the dark void of the Link. That person could be freed only if someone else took their place.[7]

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