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Race D'ni
Seventh King of D'ni
Reign 1159 DE - 1352 DE
Coronation 1159 DE
Preceded by Mararon
Succeeded by Ahlsendar
Personal details
Born 1109 DE
Died 1352 DE
Father Mararon
Children Ahlsendar
Name in D'ni KorEn

Koreen took the throne in 1159 at the age of 50. Koreen was the older of Mararon's two sons and the two brothers were apparently close. His younger brother was a Guild Captain in the Guild of Linguists and the two remained close for much of Koreen's reign.

In 1159 when he took the throne, it would have been impossible to forecast the turbulent string of events that would start during his reign and not end for some years later.

His grandfather had been an extremely religious man though not everyone had agreed with his theologies. There were, in fact, a number of groups who had strongly disagreed with Veesha, and though Mararon had not done anything to offend them, during the reign of Koreen they sought to make their own causes more widely known. The most dangerous of those groups was knows as the Judges of Yahvo[1]. Though they had existed for some time, it was in 1303 that they began to make a name for themselves.

It all seems to have begun when a writer mysteriously left the Guild of Writers in 1303. A few days later, Books and Ink went missing from the respective Guilds. Koreen ordered tightened security on the Guilds, as well as a massive search for the vanished Writer, but all to no avail.

Unbeknownst to Koreen, the Judges, led by the man Airis, were writing illegal Ages in an attempt to create a race they could control and force to go to war for them. In 1320, the Pento Age was written and the Judges had what they needed.

It was in 1323, with his wife about to give birth to his first son, that Koreenís palace was attacked by a group of Judges, along with warriors from the Age of Pento. Koreen ordered his family out of the palace, as it was quickly being overtaken, and together they travelled to the other side of the city where a special Linking Book was waiting for them.

While travelling through the King's Arch, rumours say, Koreen's wife gave birth to his first son, Ahlsendar.

Koreen continued to live in the city although his family stayed in a secret Private Age. The city grew more and more dangerous as the Judges began to destroy more of the city and kill more of its citizens. Koreen poured money into the City Guard as well as the small military of the day, although it seemed too little to late.

In 1352, Koreen was assassinated by a group of Pento warriors being led by Judges. The city was thrown into complete chaos.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Known as the RegolantantEok (Judges) the sect believed they were to exercise Yahvo's judgment on those who could not truly understand him as they did.