Phil's Relto

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Phil's Relto
Phil's Relto.jpg
Name in D'ni relto
Author Yeesha

Phil's Relto is a specific instance of Relto that belongs to former DRC engineer Phil Henderson.


Phil's Relto is largely identical to what any other explorer can configure for themselves using Relto pages. However, it is night time on Phil's Relto, a feature which is unique to his instance. Phil's bookshelf is also filled with Linking Books that reflect his more extensive travels with Yeesha. When it was first found in 2004, the pine tree (which could be obtained from a Relto page in Kadish Tolesa) was far taller than that of any other explorer—a further sign of how long Phil had had his instance. After the DRC left D'ni in early 2004, explorers were able to visit this instance and use Phil's unlocked neighborhood Linking Book to visit Kirel. Since 2007, however, all of the books on his bookshelf are locked.


Phil was one of the first people to have a Relto Book, which he obtained after he unlocked the Journey door in Eder Kemo. When he returned to D'ni in November of 2003, he was quickly recruited by Douglas Sharper to help him push back against what he saw as the DRC's tyrannical control over the cavern. The two began spying on DRC meetings in the Tokotah II building, using a telescope in a small room across the alley. Because the room is completely enclosed, Phil left his Relto Book there so that he and Sharper could both get in and out individually.

On December 26, 2003, Phil was exploring an area of the Guild Hall when a wall collapsed on him. Because his Relto Book was still in the spy room, he was unable to escape on his own. The DRC declared him dead, despite not finding his body in the rubble. Explorers sometimes interpreted Yeehsa's statement that Relto would "become [that person's] soul" to mean that Phil's darkened Relto was proof that he had died.

In 2007, Phil returned to D'ni, saying that he had been rescued from the collapse by a bahro. Despite his return, his Relto remains in the spy room, and explorers can still visit it. Unlike other Ages, Phil's Relto is not added to explorers' personal bookshelves, so it must always be accessed by visiting the spy room first.