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In Riven, the Stranger has a bit of dialogue with Cho right after linking, with Nelah while prisoner on Tay, and hears phrases from other members of the Moiety. No trascriptions or translations were ever released. Explorer KathTheDragon attempted the transcriptions[1] that follow.

Rivenese is reportedly based on a dialect of Papua New Guinea. However, no one has yet managed to identify which one, let alone acquire a translation.



Cho's lines after seeing the Stranger.

čo? ša-di-(y)a-he. ka-ga-wa-ri-vu.
mu-wa-wi-vu-wi-vu [nervous stuttering?]
[ attempted D'ni ].
mi-si-ra-po, mi-si-rap(o?). mi-ti-t/ga-gu gu-(w)a-nei.
mi-si-ra-po. mi-ti-t/ga-gu gu-(w)a-nei. boku (w)a-nei. mi-si-rap(o?).
boku bai-nei. boku (w)a-nei. boku (w)a-nei! bo-nai.


Katran's line in the prison.

ya-fer-di-k(?) [cuts herself off]


Moiety rebels who capture the Stranger.

a-nau-v/mai. (ha-n)a-ru-na-sau-se. [first part of the second sentence is said too quietly]
ya-no-ke-ni-(h)a-boko-mo-boko i-si-bo.
frai-da-bo (ma).
doi-bi-yo. do-bo.

Nelah 1[edit]

Nelah's first speech to the Stranger.[2]

Ka-ta-ri-na-(n)ei-nau-de-sai-ye-pa-lo. ya-pa-ai-ma-nai-ye-le-po.
t/di-sai. bai-de-fe-lu-pe.

Nelah 2[edit]

Nelah's second speech to the Stranger.

si-ra-po. (h)i-boko-mo-boko i-si-bo.
na-ve-ne. ta-po-mo-re-ve-ne-be-nu.
nau-ka-ta-ri-na-ne. wi-si-fi-po-lo-ya-se-pei-ai.


Line from a guard in Tay.

o-ke-do-ru-ri-bo o-ke-do-ru-ri-bi-si-ra-pe!
o-ke-bu-ri-bo-(w)a. ge-bu.


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  2. eedobaba7726 mentions the language is Tok Pisin, and offers this translation for Nelah's first speech: "Catherine is waiting for your help on far island. I am sorry for your imprisonment. These are safe. The books will assist you in coming to her aid. They are safe. use them to her aid." However, HalaBasinah disagrees, since Tok Pisin is a pidgin of English.