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Race Rivenese
Portrayed by Vicente Ramos

Cho was a Rivenese native who worked as one of Gehn's guards. His real name is unknown; he acquired the nickname "Cho" because it's the first thing he says in the opening cinematic of Riven.

Cho's job was to monitor the cage that Gehn had constructed over Riven's link-in point, confiscate any Books that newcomers might have on them, and take them to Gehn as prisoners. However, he was apparently not very good at his job. When Catherine arrived back on Riven in 9462 DE, he was set upon by Moiety rebels, who ferreted her away. Several months later, he was knocked unconscious by a rebel's blowdart when the Stranger arrived to rescue Catherine. Cho also stumbles badly through the D'ni sentence Gehn taught him, which demanded that the prisoner in the link-in cage hand over their Books. Quoting RAWA:[1]

What Cho says:

tahg-em-ah... re-ko-ah
(stutters) tah... tah... tah...tahg-em-ah b'soo re-ko-ah

translates roughly to:
give-you(command) the-"ko-ah" (whatever that is).... to-me (not pronounced quite right)

What he's "supposed" to say:
tah-ge-mah b'zoo ah re-kor
give-you(command) to-me the-book.

which is:

"Gimme that book!"

At Mysterium 2019, [RAWA] confirmed that Cho managed to escape to Tay with the other Rivenese villagers, as he eventually recovered from the dart and relayed the news of the Stranger's arrival to Gehn.