Reference:Victor Laxman, message to explorers (Untìl Uru)

Victor Laxman, message to explorers (Untìl Uru)
Location DRC website (archive link)
Author Victor Laxman

Greetings once again.

Roughly six months have passed since the D'ni Restoration Council was disbanded and the restoration efforts were abandoned for lack of funding. Our funding situation has not changed, but there are still many who are feeling the call to go to D'ni.

Several of us who worked on the restoration have been working to make it possible for small groups to gather in D'ni. If you are interested, you can find details of how to arrange this <here>.

It won't be the same - the restoration teams will not be there to open new areas, but at least those who are interested will again be able to access the areas that were opened before the restoration efforts were stopped.

Be careful down there.

Victor Laxman


This message effectively announced the creation of "Untìl Uru" in mid-2004. The "<here>" text linked to a section of Cyan's website with instructions on how to set up and run a private Uru server.