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A robot or bot is an avatar piloted by a modified client. Bots can accept PM commands from other explorers and allow to 'cheat' the normal behavior of the game, e.g. linking or walking into places nomally unaccessible, change clothing on the fly, create special effects by mixing elements from different Ages, etc. Some bots can even assist the explorers in fan-made 'quests' or skydiving courses.

Bots are allowed by Cyan, on the condition that they follow certain rules, most importantly not affecting public Ages. A common strategy is to put a bot in a private instance and linking explorers to them on request.

Notable bots[edit]

  • OHBot[1] and BOMB,[2] by OHB (both currently inactive);
  • Lyrobot,[3] by Lyrositor (currently inactive);
  • MagicBot, MimiBot, Magic Treasure, Mimi Treasure,
    Magic Skydiver, Mimi Skidiver,[4] by Mister Magic;
  • Mir-o-Bot, by Mirphak;
  • Stone, by Stone;
  • YodaBot, by Yoda.



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