Location Above the D'ni cavern

Rudenna is a minor cavern in the D'ni city. The Rudenna Passage was expanded during the reign of King Jaron to allow for further exploration.

At least one of the bahro caves is hosted in Rudenna's roof. The bahro caves of Rudenna are a great source of mystery and debate.

As it would seem, Rudenna comes in two versions: blue and orange. The blue Rudenna is where the four Bahro Pillars are found, and lies over an infinite expanse of stars (some say the Star Fissure itself). Once all four Pillars have been collected, one is able to go to the orange Rudenna, where the Pillars are placed. This version lies directly over the D'ni Cavern. Both versions are accessible via the Journey Doors. It should be also noted that while inside Rudenna, one cannot link back to Relto unless you fall out the bottom of the cave.