Bahro cave

Bahro cave
Bahro cave (PotS).jpg
Bahro cave accessed from Er'cana
Location Rudenna, Star Fissure, Cleft

A bahro cave is a small, self-contained round stone chamber, accessed either by walking through a Journey door or by linking via a bahro stone.

There are several types of bahro cave accessible to explorers. The first pair—often called the "blue" and "orange" caves—contain a set of four bahro pillars, and are accessed by completing portions of Yeesha's first "Journey". The "blue" cave is located above what appears to be the Star Fissure, while the "orange" cave is located in the Rudenna cavern in D'ni. Similar "blue" caves are accessible via the Journey doors or linking symbols in other Ages. These caves contain different stone "wedges", rather than bahro pillars, corresponding to the Journey the cave is connected to.

A different form of cave is accessible from Er'cana and Ahnonay. This cave is split into two levels. The upper level—accessed from Er'cana—is brightly lit with a hole in the center, and contains glyphs indicating how to bake lake pellets. The lower level—accessed from Ahnonay—is dark, and contains a pool of water that lake pellets can be dropped into from above. When a properly-prepared pellet is dropped into the pool, it illuminates a pattern on the wall.

Finally, there is a small cave beneath the Cleft which is often referred to as a bahro cave. The walls are covered with a series of glowing bahro glyphs, and a pedestal in the center of the room contains a page for explorers' Relto Books that grants them access to the first Journey.