Judges of Yahvo

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The Judges of Yahvo ( golantantEok yavo) were an extremist group of D'ni who operated during the early part of the 3rd century DE. They were known for instigating an inter-Age conflict called the Pento War in a bid to take over their government.

In 1303 DE they began to steal blank Books and Ink from the Guilds to create a number of illicit Ages. Their goal was to engineer a race of warriors strong enough to take control of D'ni so that the Judges could rule over it. In 1320 DE, they wrote the Pento Age, and found the race they had been searching for. Three years later, in 1323 DE, the Judges launched an attack on D'ni which drove the family of King Koreen from the cavern and started the Pento War.

Nearly thirty years into the war, shortly after the execution of King Koreen in 1352 DE, the Judges killed the leader of the Pento, fearing that he was growing too powerful for them to control. This act threw the Pento into a civil war over who would replace him, effectively leaving the Judges without an army. Koreen's son Ahlsendar was able to gradually retake D'ni in the chaos that ensued, and the Judges went into hiding.

Shortly after reclaiming the city, Ahlsendar reached out to Mekarr, one of the Pento warlords vying for succession, and promised him peace if his people departed from D'ni. After years of negotiations, Mekarr agreed, and in 1376 DE he turned over two leaders of the Judges after Ahlsendar helped him defeat his brother Timaue. The remaining three leaders were found in D'ni. All five were sentenced to permanent banishment to Prison Ages, and the Books were burned after the sentence was carried out.