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The 1st century DE was a D'ni century which lasted from 0 DE to 624 DE.

Events[edit | edit source]

  • 0 DE: Ri'neref leads a group of several thousand followers to D'ni to escape the collapse of their home world, Garternay.
  • 0 DE: The D'ni Great Zero is established.
  • 0 DE: Ri'neref is crowned the first King of D'ni.
  • 8 DE (Leevot 9): The D'ni Guild of Writers is founded. Ailesh is named its first Grand Master.
  • 48 - 63 DE: Construction of the Temple of Yahvo.
  • 84 - 114 DE: The tunnels to the surface which bring fresh air to the D'ni cavern are expanded, and massive circulating fans are constructed.
  • 100 DE (Leenovoo 18): The Day of the Circle is established to celebrate the foundation of D'ni's 18 Major Guilds.
  • 120 DE: King Ri'neref dies.
  • 120 DE: Ailesh is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 223 DE (Leefo 12): The first Common Library is completed.
  • 256 DE: Birth of Shomat, D'ni king, third-born of Ailesh.
  • 300 DE: Death of King Ailesh.
  • 300 DE: Shomat is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 347 DE: Construction of King Shomat's palace is completed.
  • 475 DE: Birth of Ja'kreen, D'ni king.
  • 555 DE: Death of King Shomat.
  • 555 DE: Ja'kreen is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 598 DE: Ja'kreen commissions the construction of the King's Arch.
  • 600 DE: Construction of the King's Arch begins.

Significant people[edit | edit source]