2nd century DE

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The 2nd century DE was a D'ni century which lasted from 625 DE to 1249 DE.


  • 625 DE: Construction of the King's Arch is completed.
  • 643 DE: Construction of the Temple of the Great King is completed.
  • 654 DE: Birth of J'taeri, firstborn of King Ja'kreen.
  • 664 DE: Death of J'taeri.
  • 717 DE: Birth of Veesha, D'ni king.
  • 775 DE: Construction begins on new additions to Ae'gura, including the J'taeri district.
  • 812 DE: Death of King Ja'kreen.
  • 812 DE: Veesha is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 924 DE: Birth of Mararon, D'ni king, fifth-born of King Veesha.
  • 974 DE: Mararon falls into a coma due to an accident while inspecting an Age as a Maintainer.
  • 977 DE: Mararon emerges from his coma.
  • 997 DE: Death of King Veesha.
  • 997 DE: Mararon is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 1109 DE: Birth of Koreen, D'ni king, firstborn of King Mararon.
  • 1124 DE: King Mararon undertakes sweeping changes to the D'ni educational system.
  • 1124 DE: The Minor Guilds of Architecture, Miners, Bankers, and Educators are established.
  • 1159 DE: Death of King Mararon.
  • 1159 DE: Koreen is crowned King of D'ni.

Significant people[edit]