5700s DE

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The 5700s DE was a D'ni decade which began on Leefo 1 5700 DE, and ended on Leenovoo 29 5724 DE.


5701 DE[edit]

  • Lanaren is crowned King of D'ni.
  • King Lanaren reveals the existence of the Relyimah and their involvement in the assassination of the prophet Gish. A number of agents are murdered in the backlash, while many others spent the rest of their lives in hiding in private Ages.
  • King Lanaren also vows to end outsider involvement in and interaction with D'ni.

5714 DE[edit]

  • King Lanaren pushes through an initiative to build a tunnel connecting Ae'gura and the City Proper.
  • King Lanaren promises to expand the Ashem'en District, and to increase the number of residential and cultural centers.
  • The Major Guilds are ordered to begin replacing any Ages where outsiders are involved in operations with new Ages that will be run exclusively by D'ni people.

5721 DE[edit]

  • New advancements are made to improve reinforcement in extrusion-based construction.



5701 DE[edit]