This article is about the D'ni king. For other uses, see Adesh (disambiguation).
Race D'ni
Twenty-ninth King of D'ni
Reign 5549 DE - 5701 DE
Coronation 5549 DE
Preceded by Me'emen
Succeeded by Lanaren
Personal details
Born 5500 DE
Died 5701 DE
Children Lanaren
Name in D'ni aDeS

Adesh took the throne in 5549 at the age of 49.

Though Adesh was young, it was also said he was mature for his age and took quite a bit of advice from the prophetess Trisari (who had also served his Uncle). Adesh was apparently a religious man but not an especially accepting man.

The prophet Gish arrived on the scene in 5574 and began preaching, similar to what Tevahr had done years earlier. Unlike Tevahr, Gish praised the words of Yahvo, but nothing else. The Great King, he said was a farce, as was Tevahr. He denounced his people for claiming that taygahn[1] was more important than following Yahvo's commands. He declared that Tevahr and the Great King had used taygahn as an excuse to do what they wanted and it was time to focus on Yahvo's commands again. One of these, he added, was no interaction with the outsiders[2]. Though Gish was not the first to say such things, for some reason, the public came in droves to listen to him, making him an extremely popular figure[3].

Adesh denouced Gish's words at every level and arrested him numerous times. And, by such actions, only encouraged Gish, arguably, making his impact upon the society even larger than what it otherwise would have been.

Gish continued his preaching until, in an apparent fit of rage, Adesh ordered[4] the Relyimah to kill him. It was said later, the decision was most likely the worst of his reign[5]. There was extreme outrage at the King as well as the official church.

Exactly as Gish had taught, Adesh had justified killing a man (strictly against the laws of Yahvo) because he felt there was something more important that was justified because of taygahn. Gish became a martyr and those who followed him increased.

Adesh made attempts to draw his people back but it was too late. There were apparently very few people (even ardent followers of the Great King) who could agree with his decision.

In fact, it was rumored that it was one of Adesh's close advisors who killed him in 5701 at the young age of 201. The throne was left to his first-born son Lanaren.


  1. The word literally means to "love with the mind", implying having a close, personal knowledge of the other person, or in certain case Yahvo. It had been taught that in order to gain access into the Perfect Age, Yahvo only required such a relationship and nothing else
  2. From Yahvo Alone written by Gish
  3. Taken from the private journals of Trisari
  4. Many think it was in fact, Trisari who convinced Adesh to make the order
  5. From The Followers written by Manesh