9th century DE

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The 9th century DE was a D'ni century which lasted from 5000 DE to 5624 DE.


  • 5043 DE: Faresh is placed in charge of the Guild of Illusionists, and is tasked with finding a mole within the Relyimah.
  • 5081 DE: Emen is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 5093 DE: Members of the One D'ni cult are found guilty for causing the explosion on Meanas in 4954 DE and are permanently imprisoned.
  • 5095 DE: King Emen puts 23 islands in the main cavern up for sale to private owners. The islands had previously been government property.
  • 5202 DE: King Emen approves a public ferry system, improving transportation between Ae'Gura, the City Proper, and many surrounding islands.
  • 5236 DE: The Guild of Stone Masons invents deretheni.
  • 5240 DE: Me'emen is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 5307 DE: The Guild of Stone Masons invents nara, the hardest of all manufactured D'ni stones.
  • 5312 DE: There is a major disease outbreak in the Nehw'eril District, though healers are able to contain and cure it quickly.
  • 5359 DE: Stone Tooth, the second great D'ni digging machine, is completed.
  • 5473 DE: The invention of deretheni gives rise to new maintainer suits, providing the Guild of Writers with more freedom in the kinds of Ages they can write.
  • 5475 DE: Construction of the Uran District begins.
  • 5500 DE: The Uran District is completed and begins operating as a new industrial area.
  • 5541 DE: The Uran District is renamed the Ashem'en District in honor of King Me'emen's first son.
  • 5549 DE: Adesh is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 5574 DE: The prophet Gish gains widespread popularity by denouncing King Ahlsendar and Tevahr, and encouraging the D'ni to turn back to Yahvo.