7th century DE

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The 7th century DE was a D'ni century which lasted from 3750 DE to 4374 DE.


  • 3903 DE: Lemashal is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 3961 DE: The Guild of Illusionists is established.
  • 3961 DE: The Relyimah begin operating in secret within the Guild of Illusionists.
  • 4030 DE: The Guild Council decrees that only people of pure D'ni descent may be king.
  • 4031 DE: King Lemashal signs the Council's edict into law.
  • 4083 DE: Ishek is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 4103 DE: King Ishek's wife is kidnapped by inhabitants of Yimas. The kidnapping was later found to be the work of D'ni extremist groups manipulating Yimas's inhabitants.
  • 4291 DE: Loshemanesh is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 4305 DE: Trade of illicit Ages is criminalized by King Loshemanesh.
  • 4307 DE: Coercion of an outsider to commit a crime is criminalized by King Loshemanesh.
  • 4334 DE: The Age of Trases is destroyed by misuse of D'ni machinery by a native of the Age.