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The 8th century DE was a D'ni century which lasted from 4375 DE to 4999 DE.


  • 4438 DE: King Loshemanesh is assassinated by members of the Blood of Yahvo.
  • 4438 DE: Ji is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 4500 DE: The Watcher publishes Words.
  • 4500 DE: Private education outside of the Guilds is established.
  • 4565 DE: King Ji marries a woman rumored to be the Watcher's daughter.
  • 4692 DE: Demath is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 4692 DE: Use of D'ni technology (including Linking Books) by outsiders is banned.
  • 4692 DE: The Guild of Maintainers and the Relyimah begin strictly enforcing the "Loshemanesh Laws" which regulate D'ni interaction with insiders.
  • 4721 DE: King Demath forces the Guilds to accept a percentage of students who qualify for but cannot afford a Guild education.
  • 4724 DE: Over ten separate groups are convicted of crimes under the Loshemanesh Laws.
  • 4784 DE: There is a failed assassination attempt on King Demath.
  • 4826 DE: Fusion-compounding technology is developed by the Guild of Stone Masons.
  • 4843 DE: Yableshan is crowned King of D'ni.
  • 4865 DE: The Blood of Yahvo kidnap and kill King Yableshan's son.
  • 4889 DE: King Yableshan announces a remodeling of the 18 Major Guilds, and lifts several restrictions on the design of their facilities which had been in place since the first king, Ri'neref.
  • 4954 DE: An explosion on the Age of Meanas kills 400 natives and 78 D'ni. Isolationist sentiments grow more prevalent as a result.