Age Writing Contest

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In an Age Writing Contest Writers put their skills to the test in creating an Age with a specific criteria (time, theme, etc.).

RAD: Rapid Age Development[edit]

Writers try to produce an Age within a very short space of time, to demonstrate what can be created with the available tools[1]. The Ages do not have to be finished, and can be completed after the contest ends.

Anything Goes (March 2008)[edit]

Zephyr Cove

Judges: Ametist, Corvus, Dot, Lontahv, Aloys, Zander Nyrond.

  • Abysos, by Trylon
  • Ahra Pahts shell 119, by Grogyan
  • Ahra Pahts shell 201, by Paradox
  • Zephyr Cove, by Andy Legate, Jishin, Nynaveve, Phillip (winner)

Rise of the Shells (July 2008)[edit]

Ahra Pahts shell 309

Judges: Lontahv, Corvus, Trylon, Ametist, LaReh, Mark DeForest, Eric Anderson, Aloys.

  • Ahra Pahts shell 427, by Di gama
  • Ahra Pahts shell 129, by Marcello
  • Ahra Pahts shell 224, by Mar
  • Ahra Pahts shell 232, by Katreeny
  • Ahra Pahts shell 309, by Tinuviel (winner)
  • Ahra Pahts shell 104, by DatokerJ

It's A Small Age After All (November 2008)[edit]


Judges: GregW11, PhilippH, Nynaveve, Tsar Hoikas, Mar, Kato, Mark DeForest, unnamed second Cyan judge.

  • Tre'bivdil, by Lontahv (winner)
  • Bimevi, by Whilyam
  • Eder Bavahnin, by Andy Legate
  • Ulteemah, by Boblishman
  • Eder Licinius, by GPNMilano
  • Gairdin Grianmahr, by Trylon
  • Tahm Hehvo, by SeanMc74

DAWN: Detailed Age WritiNg (February 2009)[edit]

Eder Licinius

Writers try to produce an Age with in-depth development in the area of details and story[2].

Judges: Ametist, Dot, GPNMilano, Mystifed Explorer, Trylon.

  • Tehr'dovah, by Mystifed Explorer
  • Eder Licinius, by GPNMilano (winner)
  • Chloe's Hood Office, by GPNMilano

DLC: D'ni Location Creation (August 2010)[edit]

Vothol Gallery

Writers try to produce good, inspired, canon-friendly, immersive locations in D'ni[3].

Judges: Kaelisebonrai, Paradox, Tahgtahv, Tweek, Whilyam.

  • Fehnir House, by Tweek
  • Sholek's Temple, by Whilyam
  • Vothol Gallery, by Rustee (winner)
  • Tsoidahl Prad, by Justintime9
  • Age Maps Gallery, by Egon


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