Vothol Gallery

Vothol Gallery
Name in D'ni timel voTol
Location Private island, D'ni
Restoration progress
Current phase Released
Phase 5 began March 25, 2021
Released July 2, 2021

The Vothol Gallery is a Cavern location first found by explorer Rustee and later restored by explorer Patrick Dulebohn and his new team.


Vothol Gallery can be accessed via a linking book on a pedestal in the Chiso Preniv library.



Vothol Gallery was created by Rustee and was originally released on August 25, 2010[1] for the D'ni Location Creation contest; it was also the winning entry[2]. Updated for play in MOULa by Doobes, it was released on the Minkata shard on March 25, 2021[3], in preparation for the release on MOULa on July 2, 2021.


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