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For the Rivenese character, see Cho.

Cho is the name of the server which hosted CyanChat, the old Spyder games and RAWA's website.

CyanChat regulars often lovingly pretended to converse with Cho, especially when they were having problems staying connected to the chat room (a recurring problem with CyanChat). This would often result in such phrases as *kicks Cho* upon logging back in.

On occasion, Cho experienced a lock-in, which made it impossible to join CyanChat or rejoin CyanChat upon leaving. The only known solution to this problem was to e-mail MarkD about it.

Cho was an old Irix-based SGI server located in Cyan's basement. However, it has been decommissioned and its content moved to another server. Since at least July 2019,[1] the static website content from Cho is hosted on Amazon S3, but still also served at the original address. Because S3 does not allow directly visiting directories, some links are now broken, but can be made to work by manually adding "/index.html" at the end.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Chogon, "Since we are sharing old stuff... the static version of can still be accessed at:", Official Cyan Chat, July 12, 2019.

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