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Name in D'ni DatamnA
Author unknown
Restoration progress
Current phase Suspended
Phase 1 began September 2000
Phase 2 began August 12, 2006?

Dahtamnay was an Age that once belonged to the Guild of Miners, and was used to manufacture firemarbles.


The name "Dahtamnay" is a combination of the D'ni words for "marble" (dahko, DaKo), "fire" (tahm, tam) and "root" (nay, nA).


Dahtamnay is a bitterly cold Age with a very long rotational period. The terrain is a mix of plains and low mountains. While the areas used by the Guild of Miners range from 0 to 32 degrees, some areas can be as low as -200. A tectonic rift beneath one of these mountain ranges provided the Guild with sufficient warmth to create a base of operations for their manufacturing efforts.

Electrical and frost storms are also common on this Age, making travel even more dangerous.


D'ni use[edit]

The Guild of Miners used Dahtamnay as a manufacturing center for firemarbles. Raw materials were gathered by the Age's native inhabitants and returned to the Guild's central manufacturing hangar for production.

DRC restoration[edit]

Restoration efforts were suspended in September of 2000 due to environmental concerns by Dr. Kodama. When the DRC returned to the cavern in 2006 and re-assessed their ability to work on Dahtamnay's restoration, it was again suspended. This time, however, it was suspended due to lack of resources, not environmental concerns. Reportedly, the DRC had planned to eventually re-open Dahtamnay to meet the need for firemarbles posed by greater numbers of explorers in D'ni, but the restoration was abandoned before those plans could be implemented.