Devokan Trust

The Devokan Trust was a complex, vast fan-run IC/OOC story parallel to that of the DRC, with Ages across the Metaverse outside MOUL. There were many characters (e.g. Quinquifid Oddenfen, Dot Macchi) and many areas (e.g. Devokan Island in SL, Devokan hood and Serene in MOUL, Devokan Waysmeet in OSgrid).[1]

The origin of the Trust, whose objective was "researching and restoring what was lost", can be traced to the shutdown of GameTap's Uru Live on April 2008. Soon after, a project called MORE was announced to bring back the Cavern, but by October it was already cancelled[2]. Following Yeesha's word from her last visit: "you must make a home", in June 2009 the beginning of the story, the "Lockhouse code quest", was posted on the Guild of Maintainers' forum, based on Second Life.[3]

The story continued to expand, with a momentary pause when MOULa opened in February 2010, but soon after the story continued, and a few Ages were released for offline play. Other Ages were opened on Kitely, and by 2013 there were regular storytelling gatherings.[4] The last documented status is from 2015.[5]


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